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Scoliosis International is dedicated to supporting scoliosis patients and their families from diagnosis through recovery.  Scoliosis International recognizes the significant impact having corrective surgery has on patients and their families.  The recovery and rehabilitation process can be overwhelming to families whose resources are already strained.  In order to assist patients and families in their time of need, Scoliosis International is seeking to bridge the gap between the hospital and home. 


Scoliosis House will act as a transitional facility in close proximity to the leading hospitals in spinal care for patients and their families on both a pre-operative and post-operative basis.  On a pre-operative basis, Scoliosis House will team with

doctors, nurses, and therapists to prepare the patient and their family for all aspects of corrective surgery. 


At Scoliosis House, Scoliosis International would aim to answer all the questions that may be left out of discussions with busy doctors who are focused on making sure the patient understands the procedure, and not necessarily on the patient’s feelings about the procedure.  Scoliosis International would work to ensure that every question, small or significant, is answered in a way that brings comfort and security to patients and their families.  Scoliosis International would also have therapists on staff to deal with the anxiety that comes with such a serious medical procedure.  Scoliosis House would have an even bigger impact on the patient and their family post-operation by providing a transitional environment between hospital and home. 


For families, the idea of taking care of their loved one at home can be daunting after a major medical procedure.  Scoliosis House would assist in the transition between the 24/7 care of trained professionals at the hospital and the personal care at home.  Scoliosis House will be fully equipped with all the medical and rehabilitation equipment required to take care of patients post-op, and will have specialized staff to assist in recovery.  Scoliosis House eliminates the need for families to worry about providing post-operative accommodations, and the high costs involved.  We provide everything patients need, eliminate worries over money, and allow the patients and their families to focus exclusively on what should be their primary goal – healing. 


Patient rooms will provide comfortable accommodations not only for our patients, but also for their family.  Scoliosis International recognizes that the support of family is integral, and our staff will focus not only on the patient, but also on empowering the families.  Scoliosis International is focused on providing families with the confidence and knowledge they need to sustain the patient through recovery, rehabilitation, and back to everyday life.  Our staff will assist patients in embarking on a positive journey of healing both the physical and the emotional. 


Rehabilitation can be a difficult road, and corrective surgery can leave patients feeling helpless.  At Scoliosis House, our mission is to enable patients and their families in taking control of their recovery and rehabilitation.  The goal of Scoliosis House is to ease the financial and emotional stresses of care.  It is our desire for patients and their families to leave Scoliosis House stronger, more knowledgeable, and well on their way to a healthy recovery.