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Scoliosis International recognizes the importance of innovation and development.  Without the labor of researchers, scoliosis would wipe out any opportunity to function on any normal level.  It is important that researchers continue in their quest to find more advanced predictors of scoliosis, better screening techniques, and expand the field of treatment options. 


Scoliosis International will seek out these innovators, and make sure that their service to our community is recognized and rewarded.  From little advancements to great achievement, it is important to distinguish all progress in the diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis.  In addition to providing recognition for those on the front lines of research, Scoliosis International will also seek out research projects concerning scoliosis that are in need of support. 


Our organization will notify our expansive and interested community of the various projects, and provide them information and updates on the progression of their studies and findings.  In this way, the scoliosis community will be informed and knowledgeable regarding current and ongoing research.