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Scoliosis International recognizes the importance of community.  When facing a difficult diagnosis, it’s comforting to be able to turn to people who have been in your shoes.  Scoliosis International will host support groups for families to share their experiences, trials, and happy endings.  As membership grows, Scoliosis International will host sessions focused on more individual needs.  For example, Scoliosis International will host meetings specifically for patients to gather and discuss everything from their diagnosis, surgery, recovery, and coping mechanisms.


Scoliosis International recognizes the importance of family support, and will also host meetings specifically to meet the caretakers and parents needs.  Caretakers will be able to share their stories, their anxieties, and find companionship and support in those in their same position. 

Scoliosis International can also host meetings tailored to siblings of Scoliosis patients to help sort through their worries and ensure that they remain a focus while their sibling requires a lions share of the family resources.  To facilitate these meetings, Scoliosis International will maintain a network of volunteer leaders who have been through the entire process, and are living healthy productive lives.  The leadership will be there to encourage patients to focus on the positive results they will achieve. 


Scoliosis International will also host community forums to discuss a variety of subjects including screening, treatment options, and any new information that may be out there regarding all aspects of a scoliosis diagnosis.  Scoliosis International will use doctors, nurses, rehabilitation professionals, and researchers as hosts for these informational meetings.  Scoliosis International believes that community outreach is integral, and that knowledge is important for all, whether or not an individual is affected personally by scoliosis.  Scoliosis International will further develop a community through an online social network.  People across the globe will unite in an easy to navigate support forum. 


The goal of Scoliosis International is to develop a 24/7 border-less community, so that a nervous Mother in Beijing can receive personal advise from a Mother in New York at any time of the day or night.  A 13 year old in Chicago can connect with a 13 year old in Miami at 3:00 a.m. when they can’t sleep.  Scoliosis International will host message boards by topic so that users can easily obtain the information they are seeking, along with personal views and tips from other people affected by scoliosis.  Scoliosis International will also host chat rooms for patients, parents, and anyone interested in joining the community.  Between support groups, informational seminars, and an online forum, Scoliosis International hopes to unite people facing scoliosis with others because we are stronger together.